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'devastating power'
The Guardian

The I

'Devastating psycho-drama'
The Times

'Perceptive and gripping'
The Sunday Times

'Brilliant reimagining'
Culture Whisper

The Observer

The Evening Standard

The Arts Desk

Outstanding Direction
Winner Daisy Evans

Dora Awards

Outstanding Production

Dora Awards

Outstanding Performance
Winner Gerald Finley
Dora Awards

Best Opera

Royal Philharmonic Society Awards

Best Opera
South Bank Sky Arts Awards


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Church Hill Theatre

August 23rd - 28th 2023

Susan Bullock , Charlotte Hellekant, Michael Mayes, Lester Lynch


Bluebeard's Castle

Theatre of Sound / London / 2021
The Atlanta Opera / Atlanta / 2022
Against The Grain Theatre / Toronto / 2023
Edinburgh International Festival / 2023

Bluebeard brings his wife, Judith, home. “Is this really Bluebeard’s Castle”, she asks, looking around the suburban hallway.

Instead of ominous doors, a locked trunk sits in the living room. Judith begs for it to be opened, over and over again, and as it is, memories spill out. A wedding, a child, a family.

This castle is not a dank, airless dungeon, rather a happy home where Judith and Bluebeard have shared their most precious memories.


But now Judith is living with Dementia, and slips away from Bluebeard, leaving him alone with the shreds of their life.

This Bluebeard is a love story.

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Stephen Higgins


Daisy Evans


Theatre of Sound brings immersive storytelling through drama, music and electronics all in a singular experience.


Our mission is to break down boundaries between genres, utilising our unique style of storytelling to serve the purpose of our productions, overcoming traditions that separate art forms from audiences.


At Theatre of Sound, we value invention, equity and diversity, telling stories that are relevant, accessible and previously untold.


We believe that great art and innovative drama are not privileges of the elite, but a right for everyone.

We create a 360 experience through sound, spoken word and design, placing you at the heart of a production.


With a wide network of high calibre performers, we provide affordable experiences of the very best talent on offer.

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Theatre of Sound is an unsubsidised company, and we always looking for support, in-kind donations or sponsors for our exciting productions.

If you're interested in partnering with us, or donating to help us achieve our unique vision, please be in touch using the form to the right.

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